Slab Separation

Slab Separation Home Elevation New Orelans

Acme House Raising also offers a slab separation option when raising your New Orleans home. This procedure involves separating the walls of the structure from the slab itself.

With a slab separation elevation, the entire house is raised without the slab. Once the walls are at base flood elevation level or higher, a new sub floor is then constructed with treated wood joists and plates. The slab remains in its original location and serves as the foundation for the block piers that will support the newly constructed floor and original walls of the structure.

The typical slab separation allows the homeowner to utilize the existing slab under the raised portion of the house for usable space. Slab separations work best in houses that have exposed wall studs and bottom plates because we are able to separate the walls from the slab without doing unnecessary damage to finished walls.

Acme House Raising is here to serve you. We ensure your house raising is done efficiently, professionally, and accurately. We pride ourselves in bringing our up-to-date techniques and high-quality procedures to the New Orleans area.

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