Frequently Asked Questions

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Acme House Raising is dedicated to ensuring your home elevation needs. The process of raising your home can be overwhelming and stressful. Rest assured, as we go above and beyond to make sure your house raising process proceeds smoothly. Below are listed Frequently Asked Questions. We hope we can address your concerns by answering your questions before you begin. Our goal is to help you through this process with our efficient and high-quality home elevation team. If you still have questions after reading through our FAQ page, please Contact Us so that we may better serve you.

How do I choose the right Home Elevation Contractor?

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Listed below are a few important questions to ask of any company you are considering for your home-raising needs. We want to make sure that you are comfortable in choosing the right house raising contractor for you and your family. Additionally, you should check with the Better Business Bureau™ before working with any business. Please review Acme House Raising’s BBB Record.

1) "May I have a copy of your contractor's license?"
The contractor should be able to provide a copy of a current contractor's license upon request. Make sure the company’s license is for the State of Louisiana and/or the Parish where the home to be elevated is located. Louisiana does not have a specific licensing process for home elevation and shoring contractors. This means that any licensed contractor can legally elevate houses. Do not accept an Occupational License in the place of a Contractor's License, which is harder to obtain and maintain.

2) "May I have the name of your insurance provider?"
Shoring contractors should have general liability as well as workman's compensation coverage. The insurance provider(s) will send proof of insurance directly to the homeowner upon request. Be sure to check the company name on the insurance certificate and that the address listed is the correct address of the house to be elevated.

3) "Does your company use an engineer?"
A registered civil engineer is required by law to review, approve, and submit the scope of work to the local government, before the contractor can obtain an elevation permit.

4) "How long have you been in business locally?"
Because the local soil structure is unique, an experienced contractor with knowledge of the local soil is likely to be more familiar with and provide solutions for particular problems that could occur.

5) "Can you provide references to jobs that I can go see?
It can help to look over the work a contractor has done for others to get an idea of the quality of work proposed for your own house. Check out at least three local references to jobs in progress or completed.

6) "What type of jacking system do you use?"
Make sure that your contractor uses a hydraulic, fully computerized unified jacking system, rather than the traditional bottle-jack, to ensure precision and integrity.

7) "What is the warranty or guarantee of your work?"
While many elevation contractors offer warranties, often only the individual foundation piers are covered. The Better Business Bureau™ provides mediation services and background information for contractors.

Why choose Acme House Raising?

Why choose Acme House Raising? - FAQ

After reading the How do I choose the right Home Elevation Contractor section above, you are now aware of different factors that are important to consider when choosing a home elevation company. The seven questions listed provide guidelines for your house-raising decision. We at Acme House Raising feel confident in our ability to provide the most efficient and up-to-date responses to these questions. Our answers to these questions will provide for you the promise of our highly qualified home elevation process. We hope you can rest assured in choosing Acme House Raising!

1) State Licensed
Our company is a fully licensed contractor. In your first appointment or meeting with us, we will provide copies of both our residential and commercial contractor licenses for Louisiana.

2) Fully Insured
We hold millions in a general liability insurance policy as well as workman's compensation coverage.

3) Registered Civil Engineer
Acme House Raising requires a registered civil engineer to review and approve all plans before we request an elevation permit.

4) Experienced & Local Experts
Our owners are born and raised in South Louisiana. Combined with our trained employees, we have decades of experience in home elevations—raising hundreds of homes in Louisiana.

5) Unified Jacking System
We utilize a hydraulic, twenty-four jack ball, and fully computerized unified jacking system. It is the best in the business! This massive, technologically advanced machine allows for the flexibility to lift your home with gentle precision.n.

6) Turn-Key
Acme House Raising completes every home elevation as if it were our own home! This typically includes reconnecting electricity and plumbing, providing a real stucco finish and proper ventilation per FEMA code, and installing new steps and hand rails. We also repair any concrete (your driveway, etc) that may have been damaged during elevation. We want to ensure that your experience is stress-free and satisfactory!

7) Reputation & Warranty
Just ask around. Chances are a happy home owner near you had his or her home raised by Acme House Raising. We are a registered member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau™, a member of the Louisiana Home Builders Association™, and a member of the International Association of Structural Movers™. We also provide a 30 year warranty that can even be transferred from homeowner to homeowner.

Am I Eligible for ICC?

You may be wondering if you can qualify for an additional $30,000 from ICC. Here are the three generic qualifications to determine if you qualify. Please remember that different Parishes have different qualifications. Call us at (800) HOME-LIFT if you have any uncertainties.
  • You must have a Letter of Substantial Damage.
  • Your home must have flooded and had damage costing more than 50% of the home's value.
  • You must have had flood insurance at the time of the storm.

How do I get to the HMGP Office?

How do I get to the HMGP Office? - FAQThe HMGP Office is located just north of the University of New Orleans. It is there where you will meet with your MA (Mitigation Analyst) regarding your case. Please call us prior to your meeting so we can prepare all of the necessary documents.

2021 Lakeshore Drive, New Orleans, LA 70122
(Map/Directions by Google)
At the North end of Elysian Fields, enter the round-about and turn into the Research & Technology Park entrance. Take a left and follow the road to the last building in the park.

What to bring with you:
  • Copy of the Elevation Contracts
  • Current Driver's License or State I.D.
  • Social Security Number
  • Proof of Flood Insurance (if in hand)
  • Elevation Certificate (if in hand)
Our representative will bring:
  • Account Documents
  • Helpful Information
  • Experience