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House Raising Slidell

House raising in Slidell is a task that must be carried out safely, skilfully, and carefully with the utmost regard to preserving the structural integrity of the house. We lift your house, with the same care we’d treat our own house, making sure all precautions and professional measures are taken. We use the latest house raising technology on the market, a computerized jacking system, to raise your home slowly and evenly to prevent cracking and foundation damage. We a long history of elevating homes and buildings in Slidell and across Louisiana. We strive to provide the best customer service in the house raising industry, and from what our past customers tell us, we're succeeding.

If your home is located in an area of Slidell that has flooded in the past or faces risk of flooding in the future, you should consider home elevation. There are several benefits to house raising in Slidell:

Greatly decreases the risk of flood damage

Flood insurance premiums will be lower

Federal grants are available to reduce or eliminate the cost of house raising in Slidell.

Our computerized jacking system, the latest technology available in the industry, ensures that your home will remain level through the entire process and will be raised skilfully and safely. Whether your home is on piers or a concrete slab, we will raise it professionally, in compliance with Slidell building codes.

We take pride in doing the highest-quality work on every home we raise. Every job is a reflection of our business, so we treat every house as if it were our own. Our caliber of work and attention to detail is consistent, and our customers have noticed. Please read about our customers’ experiences with Acme House Raising.

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Federal funding may be available to you to help cover or alleviate the costs of home elevation. Contact our office by filling out the form below, and we'll give you a quote for your house raising job, with no obligation required.

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