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Raising a house in Metairie is a process that needs to be carried out carefully, skilfully, and safely in order to properly maintain the home’s structural integrity. We will treat your home as if it were our own, taking the highest precautions and completing the job carefully and professionally. All the proper precautions are put into place, and then we use our highly advanced computerized jacking system to carefully raise your home. We have some of the industry's most experienced house raising contractors, who work hard raising houses in Metairie. Customer service is important to us, and our past customers have made it very clear that our work is beyond satisfactory.

If your home is located in an area of Metairie that has flooded in the past or faces risk of flooding in the future, you should consider home elevation. There are many benefits to raising your house in Metairie:

Flood damage risk significantly decreases

Homeowners pay less for flood insurance

Home elevation grants can help alleviate or cover the costs of house raising in Metairie.

Our computerized jacking system, the latest technology available in the industry, lifts your home slowly and skilfully, ensuring that it remains completely level through the entire house raising process. No matter what type of home you own, we have the tools and the experience to raise it properly, and in accordance with Metairie state and local building codes.

Every home elevation job we complete is a reflection of our business, so we take pride in doing a top-notch job on every home we raise. We believe that quality customer service is crucial to our business, and our customers appreciate that.

Computerized Unified Jacking System

Computerized Unified Jacking System - Metairie

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